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From Quality to Business Excellence: A Systems Approach to Management

This book outlines the principles behind developing an approach to business management that integrates all aspects of a company's business into a very well-aligned and cross-functional perspective to maximize the success of the company. This book has been published in English and Chinese, has been used as a text book in several business schools, and won a "Golden Quill" award from the American Society for Quality".

Enterprise Process Mapping: Integrating Systems For Compliance And Business Excellence

This book provides instructions and a Visio-based Enterprise Process Mapping tool for helping to design and implement effective, well-integrated business management systems to implement the approach described in the Business Excellence book above. The book includes an evaluation copy of Microsoft Visio and an evaluation copy of the ProcessMaps tool.


Sarbanes-Oxley:Pain or Gain?

This is a feature article that was published in Quality Progress magazine.
  • Meeting the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements can be painful and costly
  • It can also be an opportunity for a company to tighten its management practices and improve its business
This article discusses how to use systems thinking and enterprise level process mapping to design controls into your financial management and reporting processes

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