Enterprise Process Mapping: Integrating Systems For Compliance And Business Excellence

Book Abstract

This book provides the tools to develop a framework for process management and on-going process improvemen and to create a powerful, unifying view of how a business works as a system. This understanding can break down organizational barriers and develop much higher levels of cross-functional synergy, creating dramatic improvements across the entire business.

The methodology and tools in this book are applicable to any organization in any industry that is interested in developing a truly integrated systems approach to management. The book is specifically based on Microsoft Visio, the most widely used graphics application in the world, and the ProcessMaps tool has been designed to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Visio for enterprise-level process mapping. The CD that accompanies this book includes a number of computer-based training lessons with videos to help you learn how to implement these tools very quickly and easily. Included on a separate CD is a 60 day evaluation version of Microsoft Visio.

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