Making Sense of Agile Project Management - Balancing Control and Agility

Book Abstract

“Agile” is definitely the latest and coolest buzz word in the software development world – everyone wants to be “agile”, but there are many misconceptions of what “agile” means and many people don’t fully understand the implications of what it takes to become agile. The trend towards more agile project management raises some important questions for project managers and PMI as well as any organization that depends on effective project management discipline for successful implementation of software development projects. For example,
  • How does “agile” impact existing project methodologies? Is there still a need for traditional development approaches?
  • How do I reconcile all the traditional PMI PMBOK knowledge that has been the foundation of project management for so long with many of the new ideas and principles that are the foundation of the agile movement?
  • What is the impact of the agile movement on the future of project management? How does it change the project management role?
  • Is there a middle ground between extreme forms of Agile and traditional Waterfall for companies that want to find a balance of control and agility?
The answer to these questions is not immediately obvious and these are very important and strategic questions for the project management profession.

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The "Making Sense of Agile Project Management" book was released in February 2011. It is now available for ordering on!